Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving and switching projects

So as I've mentioned my lease is up the end of August and I finally made the decision to move out of state!!! and closer to my work.  Really it sounds a lot bigger of a move than it is but I get my keys on the 1st so a week from tomorrow.  I knew this was coming soon and gave up on some of the "projects" I've been working on  here and already have a million planned for my new place.  I feel like the month of August is going to be exhausting, between moving, I've been working a little more lately, and I have a big camping trip planned and a trip to lagoon to fit in too.  It'll be hectic for sure but then I'll be on to my never-ending to-do list in my new place.  For interested parties it's just a small studio apartment, all white walls that I can't paint and the kitchen and bathroom are pretty outdated, but I definitely have some ideas to make it my own and feel all pretty and girly.  I'll likely post all the before pics in a couple weeks so you can see what I'm working with.  I'm really excited!  Because it's a new space, it's all mine, it's saving me tons!!!!  Rent is over 200 cheaper and includes utilities.  I'll also save a crap-ton on gas and 8 hours a week in commuting!!  It's starting to really bug me though that my residences always have never-ending to-do lists.  I want to work on that with this new place.  I want it to feel more "done"  and I feel like I have a fighting chance with it being a smaller place and having more money to work with and already having a start on furniture/decor from my current home.

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