Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving and switching projects

So as I've mentioned my lease is up the end of August and I finally made the decision to move out of state!!! and closer to my work.  Really it sounds a lot bigger of a move than it is but I get my keys on the 1st so a week from tomorrow.  I knew this was coming soon and gave up on some of the "projects" I've been working on  here and already have a million planned for my new place.  I feel like the month of August is going to be exhausting, between moving, I've been working a little more lately, and I have a big camping trip planned and a trip to lagoon to fit in too.  It'll be hectic for sure but then I'll be on to my never-ending to-do list in my new place.  For interested parties it's just a small studio apartment, all white walls that I can't paint and the kitchen and bathroom are pretty outdated, but I definitely have some ideas to make it my own and feel all pretty and girly.  I'll likely post all the before pics in a couple weeks so you can see what I'm working with.  I'm really excited!  Because it's a new space, it's all mine, it's saving me tons!!!!  Rent is over 200 cheaper and includes utilities.  I'll also save a crap-ton on gas and 8 hours a week in commuting!!  It's starting to really bug me though that my residences always have never-ending to-do lists.  I want to work on that with this new place.  I want it to feel more "done"  and I feel like I have a fighting chance with it being a smaller place and having more money to work with and already having a start on furniture/decor from my current home.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer pics

My computer is on its way out, so I'm just making a quick post from my phone for those who follow on here. Here's a phone dump of some projects I've been working on.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interweb announcements and Lasik!

I've been MIA for a bit now, for many reasons but the biggest one being I'm newly single.  I really didn't want to say anything about it on the Interwebs but after having to tell people a million times and trying to explain the situation I give up.  At this time I have no interest in going into details of that on here, so that's my biggest news.

But I also got Lasik last Thursday.  I can see perfectly with the aid of nothing!  It's a crazy thought and was an even crazier experience.  I also am in the extremely sexy part of healing where I get to wear safety goggles to bed, wear substantially less makeup, and am putting in eye drops constantly.  I feel like I won't be able to fully sing it's praises though until I'm healed and not juggling eye drops and protective eyewear.

In my currently new situation (it's surprisingly really positive) I feel like the world is at my fingertips!  Oddly the biggest things I'm doing is making things my own again, mostly my house. (I'm still in the same house until the lease is up at the end of August)  I have been cleaning and re-organizing and been happy to girlify my stuff!  I'm also glad that I have some time to figure out my next move, I have many ideas rolling around between renting an apartment closer to work or maybe one closer to town even to potentially purchasing a home to fix-up (this is highly inspired by the current rental I've done all this work on).  I'm tempted to post pictures but I want to give it a few weeks to finish replacing some furniture.   Some furniture I'm intentionally waiting to purchase, like a bed.  The bedrooms here are too small to accommodate much more than a queen mattress, let alone a bed frame or nightstands, so I've decided to just wait and when I get into a new place actually get some bedroom furniture.  But I did finally get the bathroom re-caulked and the new shower curtain and bath mat in there.  And sometime in the next few weeks I'm planning a trip to Ikea for new bedding and a chest of drawers to put in the bathroom.  Weirdly I'm even tempted to paint the one room we didn't paint (the kitchen) but I keep telling myself I shouldn't as I'm only here for the summer.  We'll see I guess.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Phone Dump

For our anniversary we went to a hot springs near our house, they had a pet alligator there.  It was strange, random, and over-priced.  But still an interesting experience.
I worked on a frame we have, I put paintable textured wallpaper on it to make it not so boring
Then I added some stain, thicker in some areas, thinner in others
Then I hung it on the wall, I haven't finished choosing and printing pictures so you just get this crappy nighttime phone pic
My work gave me the weekend of Annie's wedding off at the last minute but unfortunately it was way too late to RSVP and go, so we impulsively decided to spend the weekend in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  It was glorious!
Here is Chaynce in Arizona, enjoying phone service and 80 degree weather in his jorts
This is the bridge over the channel at Lake Havasu.  According to tourist pamphlets this is the original London Bridge like from the nursery rhymes and it was shipped here where it was re-built.
This is just a pic taken from the car of one of the many crazy rock formations you see on the long drive
This is Chaynce with a bunch of "friends" we made on the beach.
This is the one pic of me from the Arizona trip.  Most of the time we were out in water and phones put away.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 years

That's right, me and the man-child have been together 2 years.  Oddly it's felt like a lot longer than that?  I think that's just because of the many ups and downs with new relationships and probably that so much has happened in those 2 years! 
- We've moved 4 times and lived at 5 different apartments/homes
- We've traveled to 3 states (not counting the one we're in obviously)
- We've planted a garden
- We've purchased a car
- We have combined checking/savings and auto insurance
- We're remodeling/updating a house together
- We're in the process of becoming licensed foster parents
- We were foster parents for a weekend (I'll talk more about this later)

I feel like that doesn't sound like much, probably because we're total homebodies much of the time.  But it's been a good 2 years, we like where we're at because we're at that point we understand each others oddities enough that we aren't so surprised or conflicted at each others weirdnesses. (in this case that is a word)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It can't all be DIY

So in my continual effort to find storage alternatives, I knew I needed something for our shoes.  I'm the kind of snob who doesn't like shoes just lined up somewhere (unless it's hidden in a closet) and so my mind started thinking about all the different yet awesome storage benches we could make, and I had to stop myself.  We are awesome at making cool things over here but we already have SEVERAL items on the list.  I decided I was going to just buy something basic, so I did.  I went the easier way and I don't regret it a bit.
It actually comes with shoe pockets velcroed to the sides.  And it fits every single pair of both our shoes (it looks crammed but there's actually a little room to spare)  Awesome!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Ladder

I've been wanting for some time now to find an old ladder to hang towels on in my bathroom, much like other pinterest addicts.  Well I never could find a decent priced ladder that worked.  But then the other day I stumbled upon this and I told Chaynce DIY means he runs power tools.  He only has complained for a week and made claims that he does the most chores and is the absolute best, but to his credit he whipped it out real quick.  I basically just followed her tutorial other than 1x3's seemed a little bigger than I wanted so I went with 1x2's and a 1" dowel.

Here it is post-stain.  I forgot to get many "before" pics.  It's the same stain we've been using on everything around here, dark walnut by minwax.  After the stain dried I watered down some white paint and roughly applied that and wiped it off with a rag in an attempt at some sort of aging. 

 Here is the "pretty" corner of my bathroom.  It's technically still a construction zone in there.  We still have a few things to finish in there, not counting buy towels that actually match and aren't old and bleached.

This is me pretending we have towels that match.  And that is how we store our TP.  I got that basket at DI several years ago pre-Chaynce and I always like to use it to hold spare rolls of TP.